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Bates Mill Cemetery
Located on Ehrke Road
Winslow Twp, Camden County
New Jersey


Ehrke Doris L.                                                1939-1999                   Wife of Ervin V. Sr.
Ehrke Alfred W.                                              1895-1956                 
Ehrke Alfred W. Jr                                          1926-1988                   Husband of Helen E
Ehrke Helen E.                                               1934-No Date              Wife of Alfred W. Jr
Ehrke Alice                                                        ????
Ehrke Ervin V. Sr.                                    3/8/1932-12/23/1992        CPL US Army Korea
Ehrke Etta                                                       1902-1944                   "Wife"
Ehrke John Henry                                           1869-1946                   "Father"
Ehrke John Jr.                                                 1909-1970                   "Father"

Ehrke Thomas Wm Jr.                          6/19/1980-7/9/1998 
Ehrke Thomas Wm Jr  
Ehrke William                                                1849 -1934                   Augusta's Husband
Ehrke Augusta                                               1850 -1928                   William's Wife
Ehrke William                                                1895 -1922                   Husband of Martha
Ehrke Martha                                                 1897 -1945                   Wife of William

Fitting, John Henry                                         1909-1984
Fitting, Glenda Merle (Bates)                       1911-1992
Fooder, Elwood G. (DVM)      History          1911-1999
Fooder, Eric                                                   1940-1990
Fooder, Horace M. (MD)         History         1884-1949
Fooder, Lillian Bernice            History          1913-1998                   Elwood Fooder’s Wife
Fooder, Mabel W.                    History          1887-1973

​Fowler, Harvey W.                                5/31/1908-9/27/1982
Fowler, Leslie R.                                10/17/1888-1/22/1945
Fowler, Mabel                                     12/19/1890-1/4/1962
Fowler, Melisse M.                               3/26/1910-3/15/1972

Gara, Emery Imre                                          1894-1954
Gardiner, Everitt S.                             11/27/1927-11/27/1988
Gardiner, Everitt S.                             11/27/1927-11/27/1988         EM3 US Navy WWII
Gardiner, Ivis                                                  1923-No Date

Gardner, Helen M                                          1901-1973

Heggan, Reuben D.                                      1905-1979
Heggan, Amelia R.                                        1905-2000
Heggan, Barbara (Baby)                                No Stone               Buried to the left of Amelia/Reuben D   
Heggan, Reuben, Sr                                       No Stone              Buried in David/Martha Bates Lot
Heggan, Ella Bates                                         No Stone              Buried in David/Martha Bates Lot  
Heggan, Ella Esther (Baby)                            No Stone              Buried in David/Martha Bates Lot

Holloway, Nelson G.                                      1920-????                    Husband of Margot
Holloway, Margot S.                                      1924-1998                    Wife of Nelson G.
Holloway, Paul E.                                          1898-1996                    Husband of Linda E.
Holloway, Linda E.                             11/24/1900-7/16/1981           Wife of Paul E Holloway

Holmes, Mary                                                 1855-1898                    In "Price" Family Lot

Jargowsky Frank John                         3/21/1943-10/5/1943           Infant-Died of Diabetes
Jargowsky, Frank Anthony                12/28/1912-3/25/1996           Military Plaque
Jargowsky, Mabel Berle(Bates)                  1914-1999                    Sisters married brothers!
Jargowsky, William A.                                  1918-1985
Jargowsky, Betty Marjorie(Bates)               1925-2004                    Sisters married brothers!

Johnson Baby Girl                                          6/23/1946
Johnson, James S                                        1919-1990
Johnson, Margaret E.                                   1917-No Date
Kelling, Carl                                                   Just Buried-June 16, 2012
Kelling,Edith Templeton                                ????-2018

Kirn, Edna E.                                                 1911-1985                    Camp Ha-Lu-Wa-Sa    Wife
Kirn, Walter L.                                               1908-1988                     Camp Ha-Lu-Wa-Sa    Husband

Knopper, David                                             1872-1953                    G'son? of Mary E &John D.
Knopper-Wells Lot
Knopper, Mary E(Beebe)                             1863-1937                    Wife of John D. Knopper
Knopper-Our Baby                                        1928-1928                    Infant

Kruger, Elizabeth M.                                     1911-2004

Family Names D-K
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​Foot Stone: "If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again."
​The Heggans who are buried in the Bates lot is confirmed by Robert and Richard Heggan.  They said that their grandfather did not want a headstone, just to be buried in the same lot as his wife's (Ella Bates') Father and mother.