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Bates Mill Cemetery
Located on Ehrke Road
Winslow Twp, Camden County
New Jersey

Affrunti Ethel G
Affrunti,  Frank 
Affrunti, Douglas
Anderson Robert W
Ashmen Nellie Myrtle
Ashmen Charles William 

Barrett Benjamin   

Bates, Benjamin "Captain"

Bates, John

Bates, David Daniel, Sr.
Bates, Elizabeth Yournson
Bates, Ben
Bates, Christine
Bates, Jim
​Bates, John
Bates, William

Bates, Benoni 
Bates, Phoebe

Bates Rebecca (Jessup)
Bates, Charles P
Bates, Ann E

Bates, David Daniel Jr.  
Bates Martha Davis  
Bates David III   
Bates Martha 

Bates Anne P (Walker)

Bates Herbert W.
Bates Bertha E.
Bates Laura
Bates Tryal W.
Bates Sarah F.
Bates Frank Davis
Bates Carrie Augusta (Hunter)​
Bates Lester D

Battelle Everett

Battelle Elizabeth 
Battelle Julia R

Beebe David  
Beebe Ebenezer.
Beebe Ellis
Beebe Joseph
Beebe Josiah
Beebe Ann Maria 
Beebe William      
Beebe Jurusia (Bates) 

Beebe Margaret E  
Beebe Marrabel 
Beebe Mary          
Beebe Mary E.
Beebe Baby  
Beebe Charles   
Beebee Mary   
Beebee Thomas E. 
Beebee David  

Bell Leslie                                      
Bell Robert W                                
Bell Jane                                        
Bell James                                     
Bell Bessie                                   
Bell, Bobbie 

Bishop Fred​  
Blatherwick Alexander J.
Blatherwick Helen M..
Blatherwick Charles E
Blatherwick Margaret A 

Brimfield Ernest 
Brimfield Mary 
Brimfield Harold  

Buzby Richard  

Chambers, Frank D
Chambers J.Melvin 
Chambers Jennie H

Clark Christopher                          
Clark Mary Ann  
Clark Ella O.  

Cline Baby                
Cline Lily R   
Cline Annie   
Cline Joshua   
Cline Joshua W

Collins Cornelius E. 
Collins Etta 
Collins Lot 

Crowley Katherine  
Crowley Charles A  
Crowley Christopher   
Crowley Maud   
Crowley William L   
Crowley William L 
Crowley Lot #1 
Crowley Lot #2 
Family Names A-C
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Benoni Bates owned a "saw mill" and extensive lands in the area.  The mill itself was on the "creek" - the body of water on Waterford Road at the end of Ehrke Road- While he owned the mill, he furnished wood for the Joseph Porters to fuel the furnaces of the glass factory at Waterford.--Courier Post, 1933
Captain Benjamin Bates, an officer in the New Jersey Line during the Revolutionary War did much active service right in his own section.  He was especially useful in watching the refugees, preventing them from stealing horses and cattle from the people along the coast.--Courier Post, 1933

1921 -????         
10/9/1921 - 9/11/1985        
6/30/1922 - ????
7/10/1919 -1/5/2008            Founders of Camp Ha-Lu-Wa-Sa

1855 -1942 

abt. 1770

​9/25/1787-8/26/1845                  Son of Capt. Benjamin Bates???

​b. abt. 1820                                  Husband of Elizabeth-No Stone
b. abt. 1824                                  Wife of David Sr. Stone says "MOTHER"
?????                                           Son of David Sr.-No Stone
?????                                           Daug. of David Sr.-No Stone
?????                                           Son of David Sr.-No Stone
?????                                           Son of David Sr.-No Stone
1842-6/5/1893                              Son of David Sr  GAR Co1 6th Regt.NJ Vol.

1802-3/1877                                                Husband of Phoebe
Sometime during Benoni's Life Time          Wife of Benoni

?????                             Daughter of Benoni-No Stone-info from Deed
1837-1914                      Son of Benoni-Husband of Ann E
1838-1914                      Wife of Charles P. Bates

1850 -1934                     Husband of Martha Davis Bates
1849 -1921                     Wife of David Daniel Jr. Bates
1877-1877                      Twins died at birth
1877-1877                      Twins died at birth

​1868-1950                       Wife of Charles E. Walker

1884 -1960                 Husband of Bertha E.
1885-1967                  Wife of Herbert W.
1884-1885                  Sister of Charles P
1886 -1965                 Husband of Sarah F.-Twin of Frank Bates
1893 -1953                 Wife of Tryal W
1886-1962                  Husband of Carrie A.-Twin of Tryal Bates
1888-1957                  Wife of Frank Davis Bates
1918-1942                  Son of Frank & Carrie-M. Edith Ellis- D. of Pneumonia

2/10/1838 - 2/14/1892          Born in Dover, Mass

1872 -1963                            "Lizzie"
1840 -1922 

2/23/1845 - 7/14/1875          GAR 1861-1865
1845 -1926                           Husband of Margaret E.  GAR Co. F. 8th NJ Vol.
No Date                                Husband of Mary Beebe
6/11/1870 - 6/11/1870          Infant son of C & M Beebe
1825 - 8/2/1906                    Pvt. Co. F. 8th Regt NJ Inf 
3/2/1825 - 9/19/1910            "Asleep in Jesus"
 No Date                               Husband of Jurusia Beebe-No Stone-info on Jurisia's
1/23/1833 -10/12/1852         Wife of William Beebe - Psalm 23 engraved

6/6/1840 -11/17/1902         Wife of Ebenezer Beebe
1878 -1906                         Wife of William Beebe
No Date                              Wife of Ellis Beebe            
1861 -1924                        "Wife"
 No Date                            "Our Baby" - Child of Mary & Charles
1857 -1932                        "Husband"
1823 - 8/5/1895                 "At Rest"
8/20/1808 -11/10/1878 
4/30/1787- 8/22/1872    

 No Date
1894 -1959                   Husband of Helen M
1897 -1969                   Wife of Alexander J.
1862 -1945                   Husband of Margaret 
1867 -1944                   Wife of Charles E.

1898 -1991                   Husband of Mary
1898 -1989                   Wife of Ernest
????? - 6/23/1913 

?????- 2/12/1887         Pvt Co. H. 28th Rgt. NJ Infantry

1886 -1962
9/4/1901 -1/1/1984 
4/17/1902 -1/19/1996 

1819 -1890                         
1822 -1881            

2/27/1894 - 3/1/1894         Child of Joshua & Annie                
9/2/1880 - 8/20/1881         Daughter of Joshua & Annie         
                                                 No Stone
                                                 No Stone
2/21/1883 - 4/3/1894         Son of Joshua & Annie

1876 -1946 
1871 -1952 

1833 -1910                             Same type stone as Christopher-Wife??
1868 -1941                             Husband of Maud??
1830 -1888                             Same type stone as Catherine-Husband??
1866 -1951                             Wife of Charles A ??
1893 -1895 
12/21/1870 -11/7/1893          "Asleep in Jesus. Blessed Sleep"

??Cline Family:  There is a headstone on the Unidentified Stones page that may be associated with the Cline Family??
​1888-1945                    "Father"
1844-1917                    Husband of Jane
1847-1904                    Wife of Robert
1911-1911                    Grandchild of Robert and Jane
1906-1910                    Grandchild of Robert and Jane