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Bates Mill Cemetery
Located on Ehrke Road
Winslow Twp, Camden County
New Jersey

David Jr., Martha, Tryal and Thelma Bates  Information
As dictated by: Doris Walker Robinson - April 1991--Doris was born in 1896 and was the granddaughter of Ida Mae Bates Walker (1873-1936) and Frank Seymour Walker.  Ida Mae Bates was the daughter of David Daniel Bates Jr.(1850-1934) and Martha Davis Bates.

Doris is speaking:

(1850-1934) (1849-1921) 
I knew Great-grandfather Bates. He was a character and was considered a mystery. He would never tell anyone where he came from or anything about his family. Old-timers said that he was part Indian and was born in the woods. I know that he spent most of his time wandering around in the woods and would frequently sleep all night there on the ground without a blanket or tent. He had a very small farm and did carpentry odd jobs for people.
 David and Martha had two sets of twins; David and Martha (1877-1877) and Tryal and Frank, they also had Ida Mae, and Anna. 
Frank Bates (1886-1962) married Carrie Hunter Bates (1888-1957) I think they had several children because there are a lot of Bates in the Waterford and Hammonton area. 
I knew Lester Bates (1918-1942). Tryal Bates (1886-1965) and Sara Bates (1893-1958): They lived on David's farm. Tryal was a carpenter. 
The farm was located near Godfrey and Frank's farm on Braddock Ave. You could see one farm from the other. Tryal and Sara had one daughter named Thelma (1914-1976). Thelma graduated from Haddon Heights High School. She married William Simpler, who, I think, is still alive.  (Jeans Note 2012:  William Simpler has passed away) They had a son named Billy. He was a very bright boy. My grandfather Walker thought he was about the best boy alive. I don't know where Billy is now. (Jean's Note 2012:  I seem to remember that Billy passed away when he was a young man.  I have no other information on him.)
2012 - Supplied by Bill Robinson of Robbinsville, NJ - Son of Dorothy Walker Robinson and great-grandson of Ida Mae Bates and Frank Seymour Walker.
David Daniel Bates Jr. and Martha Davis Bates
David Daniel Bates Jr. and Martha Davis Bates with young Tryal Wescoat Bates (twin to Frank Davis Bates)
Thelma Bates Simpler