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Bates Mill Cemetery
Located on Ehrke Road
Winslow Twp, Camden County
New Jersey

David Daniel Bates Sr. Information
Story of David Daniel Bates Sr. and why he is NOT buried in Bates Mill Cemetery!
As told in a letter by Elwood Fooder
This same story was told to Glenda Fitting in a letter by Elwood Fooder.

Mark woodruff (Son of Susan Fooder Woodruff) tells the story:

 My mother, Susan (nee: Fooder) uncovered a letter that my Grandfather (Elwood Fooder) sent her not long before he died where he spoke about Anna Bates Walker’s farm.(Jean's notes:  this farm ran along Braddock Avenue from the railroad to where Braddock Ave curves around and meets Waterford-Blue Anchor Road) I had always assumed that the farm had been my Great Great Grandfather Walker’s, but it was actually Anna’s family farm. She was the daughter of David Bates Jr. 

The letter spoke about the farm and how the family held onto it during tough times during the Civil War. David (Daniel) Bates Jr. was still alive when Elwood married my Grandmother in the 30’s. He told Elwood about his father, David (Daniel) Bates Sr. (not buried at Bates Mill). He told him how when David Jr. was 12 years old (1862?) they were in danger of losing the farm. David Sr. read an advertisement for a $300.00 bounty for anyone fit enough to fight in the war in place of someone else. 

He volunteered and got the $300.00 which saved the farm. That farm was still owned by his Granddaughter until 1950.

David had to walk to Glassboro to join his regiment. The boys (David Jr. and the younger two) walked with him until they got to Williamstown where he joined the army and got the $300 then David Sr. told the boys that was far enough and they had to take the money home and take care of their Mom and the farm.

David Sr. ended up fighting at Chancellorsville. He was captured by the Confederates and he and his good friend were being marched off to prison camp when David had a hard time keeping up. My Grandfather said all the Bates’ had bad Arthritis and probably had problems walking.  
When he fell on the side of the road and could not get back up, the Confederate soldier clubbed him to death with his rifle. David’s friend was able to get his watch and bring it back home to his wife and kids after the war and let them know what happened to him.

That is why David Daniel Bates Sr. is not buried at Bates Mill