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Bates Mill Cemetery
Located on Ehrke Road
Winslow Twp, Camden County
New Jersey

Charles Walker, Anna P Bates Family Information
As dictated by: Doris Walker Robinson - April 1991--Doris was born in 1896 and was the granddaughter of Ida Mae Bates Walker (1873-1936) and Frank Seymour Walker.  Ida Mae Bates was the daughter of David Daniel Bates Jr.(1850-1934) and Martha Davis Bates.

Doris is speaking:

1861-1939 1868-1950 
Charles and Anna had a large farm on Braddock Avenue along side the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks. Anna was the sister of my Grandmother, Ida Mae. Brothers married sisters. (Jean's Note 2012:  As a little girl, I would go and see "Aunt Annie". I don't remember her husband-Charles died a year after I was born-but I loved to visit her in the house on Braddock Ave. at the end of what is now known as Barrett Ave.  I would often find her in her "root cellar basement", and one day I walked in on her and she was smoking a cigarette.  She told me that the doctor had ordered it for her health and that I was never to tell my mother or father.  I suspect that she was a closet smoker for I never saw her do it again)

They had one daughter, Mabel. Mabel married Dr. Horace Fooder, a typical country doctor in Williamstown. 
He was highly regarded and lived in Williamstown. When I was in Kennedy Hospital for surgery in 1985, my roommate was an elderly Italian lady from Williamstown. I asked her if she ever heard of Dr. Fooder. She said, "Did I, He delivered all seven of my children at home on the farm. We were poor then. We raised sweet potatoes and tomatoes. The only pay he would take was for us to keep him supplied with those two vegetables. We were happy to do so. I will never forget that good man." 
Mabel and Horace had one son, Dr. Elwood Fooder, who was a veterinarian. He lived and had his practice on Grove Street in Haddonfield. His wife's name was Bernice. They had no children. Horace fooder died in 1949. Mabel died in 1973. Elwood and Bernice moved from Haddonfield in the late 1970's or early 80's. I don't know where they went. (Jean's Note 2012:  Elwood and Bernice have both passed away and are buried in Bates Mill Cemetery.)

2012 - Supplied by Bill Robinson of Robbinsville, NJ - Son of Dorothy Walker Robinson and great-grandson of Ida Mae Bates and Frank Seymour Walker.
Ida Mae Bates Walker - Frank Walker - Charles Walker - Anna P. Bates Walker
Horace Fooder
Mabel Bates Fooder and Young Elwood Fooder