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Bates Mill Cemetery
Located on Ehrke Road
Winslow Twp, Camden County
New Jersey

Bates-Walker Family Information
As dictated by: Doris Walker Robinson - April 1991--Doris was born in 1896 and was the granddaughter of Ida Mae Bates Walker (1873-1936) and Frank Seymour Walker.  Ida Mae Bates was the daughter of David Daniel Bates Jr.(1850-1934) and Martha Davis Bates.

Doris is speaking:

1822-1891 died 1909 
Godfrey and Anna were German immigrants. They were married aboard ship coming over to America. Godfrey’s last name was Wacker. He changed it to Walker some time after he arrived in the states. They settled on a large farm in Winslow Township. Walker Avenue runs right through the middle of the farm. It dead ends on one end at Braddock Road and on the other end at Waterford-Blue Anchor Road. I spent many• weekends on the farm visiting my Grandfather Frank [Walker] and Grandmother Ida [Bates] there. There are houses built on the farm now. Godfrey and Anna had four sons and one daughter; they were William, Charles, Frank, George, and Lottie. Godfrey and Anna and some of their descendants are buried at Bates Mill Cemetery. A few are buried in Berlin Cemetery. Bates Mill Cemetery is a lovely, quiet little cemetery. It is located about a quarter mile off route 30, just off Waterford-Blue Anchor Road,on the road that passes Camp Halawasa. 
Doris Continues:

(1850-1934) (1849-1921) 
I knew Great-grandfather Bates. He was a character and was considered a mystery. He would never tell anyone where he came from or anything about his family. Old-timers said that he was part Indian and was born in the woods. I know that he spent most of his time wandering around in the woods and would frequently sleep all night there on the ground without a blanket or tent. He had a very small farm and did carpentry odd jobs for people. David and Martha had two sets of twins; David and Martha (1877-1877), Tryal and Frank, and Ida Mae, and Anna. Frank Bates (1886-1962) and Carrie Bates (1888-1957) I think they had several children because there are a lot of Bates in the Waterford and Hammonton area. I knew Lester Bates (1918-1942). Tryal Bates (1886-1965) and Sara Bates (1893-1958): They lived on David's farm. Tryal was a carpenter. The farm was located near Godfrey and Frank's farm on Braddock Ave. You could see one farm from the other. Tryal and Sara had one daughter named Thelma (1914-1976). Thelma graduated from Haddon Heights High School. She married William Simpler, who, I think, is still alive.  (Jeans Note 2012:  William Simpler has passed away) They had a son named Billy. He was a very bright boy. My grandfather Walker thought he was about the best boy alive. I don't know where Billy is now. (Jean's Note 2012:  I seem to remember that Billy passed away when he was a young man.  I have no other information on him.)
Doris Continues:

1861-1939 1868-1950 
Charles and Anna had a large farm on Braddock Avenue along side the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks. Anna was the sister of my Grandmother, Ida Mae. Brothers married sisters. (Jean's Note 2012:  As a little girl, I would go and see "Aunt Annie". I don't remember her husband-Charles died a year after I was born-but I loved to visit her in the house on Braddock Ave. at the end of what is now known as Barrett Ave.  I would often find her in her "root cellar basement", and one day I walked in on her and she was smoking a cigarette.  She told me that the doctor had ordered it for her health and that I was never to tell my mother or father.  I suspect that she was a closet smoker for I never saw her do it again)
They had one daughter, Mabel. Mabel married Dr. Horace Fooder, a typical country doctor in Williamstown. 
He was highly regarded and lived in Williamstown. When I was in Kennedy Hospital for surgery in 1985, my roommate was an elderly Italian lady from Williamstown. I asked her if she ever heard of Dr. Fooder. She said, "Did I, He delivered all seven of my children at home on the farm. We were poor then. We raised sweet potatoes and tomatoes. The only pay he would take was for us to keep him supplied with those two vegetables. We were happy to do so. I will never forget that good man." 
Mabel and Horace had one son, Dr. Elwood Fooder, who was a veterinarian. He lived and had his practice on Grove Street in Haddonfield. His wife's name was Bernice. They had no children. Horace fooder died in 1949. Mabel died in 1973. Elwood and Bernice moved from Haddonfield in the late 1970's or early 80's. I don't know where they went. (Jean's Note 2012:  Elwood and Bernice have both passed away and are buried in Bates Mill Cemetery.)
Doris is still speaking:

(1868-1947) (1873-1936) 
Frank and Ida are my grandparents. Frank remained on his father's farm and farmed it until he retired in the late 1930s. He had a small apartment in Berlin and gardened the lot next door. Grandmother had died by then. Grandfather was a founder of and a member of the original board of directors of the Berlin National Bank, now Midlantic Bank. Grandmother had been a helpless invalid confined to a wheel chair, hopelessly crippled by arthritis. Her pain was almost unbearable. In those days morphine was given to her several times day to ease her suffering. They are both buried in Berlin Cemetery. Frank and Ida had one son, Clarence Earl. He was raised on the farm and attended Bates Mill School. After he graduated from Hammonton High School, Grandfather got him a job in the bank to which he had to ride a bike everyday. He worked there until he died.
2012 - Supplied by Bill Robinson Jr. of Robbinsville, NJ - Son of Doris Walker Robinson and great-grandson of Ida Mae Bates and Frank Seymour Walker.

Also supplied by:  Mark Woodruff - son of Susan Fooder - Grandson of Elwood Fooder.  Mark supplies us with information regarding David Daniel Bates Sr.  We had no information on his life and Mark's addition tells us why!
Godfrey Walker (1822-1891)- m.- Anna M. Walker
Children:  Frank Seymour Walker
               William Walker
               Charles Walker
               George Walker
                Lottie Walker
David Daniel Bates Sr. (b. 1820) -m.- Elizabeth Yournson (b.1824)
             William (1842)
             David Daniel Bates, Jr (1850-1934)-m.-Martha Davis Bates
                     Children:David & Martha (twins) 1877-1877
                                  Lottie T
                                  Ella (b.1879)
                                  Tryal & Frank (twins)(b.1886)
                                   Ida Mae (1873-1936)
                                   Annie P. (1868-1950)           
Frank Davis Bates (1886-1962)-m.-Carrie Augusta Hunter Bates(1888-1957)
Children:  Glenda Merle
               Mabel Berle 
               Warren Wesley
               Lester Frank (1918-1942)
               Rodney ______
               Betty Marjorie

Tryal Wescoat Bates(1886-1965)-m.-Sarah _____ Bates (1893-1958)
Child:  Thelma Bates (1914-1976)-m.- William Simpler
                 Child:  William Simpler (Billy)
Refer above for the Godfrey Walker Family tree:

Charles Walker(1861-1939) and Anna Bates Walker(1868-1950)
Child:  Mabel Walker-m.-Horace Fooder
          Child:  Elwood Fooder -m.- Bernice ________
Refer above for the Godfrey Walker Family tree:

Frank Seymour Walker(1868-1947) and Ida Mae Bates(1873-1936)
Child: Clarence Earl Walker(1986-1955)-m.-Vivian Belle Whitaker(1896-1983)
     Children: Vernon Earl (1933-1984)-m.-Diane Clare Wilson (1933-1989)           
         Doris Elizabeth Walker(1896-2001)-m.- George William Robinson Sr.(1918-1991)

Vernon Earl -m.- Diane Clare Wilson in 1952
Children: Deborah Lynn (b.1953) 
               Michele Clare (b. 1963)

Deborah Lynn - m. Timothy Clifford Sappington - 2 daughters:Christine Nyoka (b.4/3/75)
and Jennifer Nicole (b.9/9/78)

Michele Clare -m.- Michael Roy Olmstead - 1 daughter Sarah Caitlin (b. 1988)  1 Son.

Doris is still speaking:

(1986-1955) (1896-1983) 

After Clarence married Vivian, they moved to Berlin, NJ.  He was active in community work and was the first secretary of the Berlin Rotary Club and its third president.  He was secretary to Long-A-Coming Building and Loan.  He was always a chairman of some charity drive.
One of dad's pride and joys was his log cabin in the Poconos where he frequently entertained his men friends.  He usually went up there on week-ends and holidays.  It was located on Marshall's Creek, back in the woods.  They sold the cabin and bought a vacation home at Lake Mohawk (Bill Jr. thoughts: Sparta NJ) in North Jersey.  He died there while on vacation.  He dropped over dead while eating dinner at a restaurant.
Clarence and Vivian had two children, Doris Elizabeth, born in August 1918 and Vernon Earl, born in December 1933 and died in March 1984.
Doris is still speaking:

(1918-1991) (1896-2001)

​Doris married George William Robinson, Sr. on October 10th, 1942 in Berlin NJ. (Bill Jr. thoughts:  Bill Sr. died from complications of Parkinson's Disease)  They lived in Berlin and had two children; George william, Jr (b. 1947) and James Arthur (b. 1955).  (Bill Jr. concluded: Doris died on June 17, 2001 at the Masonic Home in Burlington NJ)
Refer above for the Godfrey Walker Family tree:          

Doris Elizabeth Walker(1896-2001)-m.- George William Robinson Sr.(1918-1991)
​Children:  George William Jr. (b. 1947) (Still living at this writing-2012)
                 James Arthur (b. 1955)

George William Jr. -m.- Mary Louise Crouse in August 1968
Children: Valerie Lynn (b. 1974)-m.- Robert Murphy-daughter Savannah-age 5 (in 2012)
                 Melissa Anne (b. 1979)-m.- Angelo Arezzi-son Calvin James -age 4 (in 2012)

James Arthur -m.- Mary Ann Tomasello in July 1977
         Divorced Mary Ann and married Jackie Nardi in March 2009-No children (in 2012)
Michelle Clare Olmstead (b. 1963),  Doris' niece,  put this history together from Doris' narrative.
Thank you Michelle, we wish more families would do this!
​(1820-abt 1862)   (1824-????)
My mother, Susan (nee: Fooder) uncovered a letter that my Grandfather (Elwood) sent her not long before he died where he spoke about Anna Walker’s farm. I had always assumed that the farm had been my Great Great Grandfather’s, but it was actually Anna’s family farm. She was the daughter of David Bates Jr. The letter spoke about the farm and how the family held onto it during tough times during the Civil War. David Bates Jr. was still alive when Elwood married my Grandmother in the 30’s. He told Elwood about his father, David Bates Sr. (not buried at Bates Mill). He told him how when David Jr. was 12 years old (1862?) they were in danger of losing the farm. David Sr. read an advertisement for a $300.00 bounty for anyone fit enough to fight in the war in place of someone else.  
He volunteered and got the $300.00 which saved the farm. That farm was still owned by his Granddaughter until 1950. David had to walk to Glassboro to join his regiment. The boys (David Jr. and the younger two) walked with him until they got to Williamstown, then David Sr. told the boys that was far enough and they had to go home and take care of their Mom and the farm.
David Sr. ended up fighting at Chancellorsville. He was captured by the Confederates and he and his good friend were being marched off to prison camp when David had a hard time keeping up. My Grandfather said all the Bates’ had bad Arthritis and probably had problems walking.  
When he fell on the side of the road and could not get back up, the Confederate soldier clubbed him to death with his rifle. David’s friend was able to get his watch and bring it back home to his wife and kids after the war and let them know what happened to him.
That is why David Bates Sr. is not buried at Bates Mill.
(​Jean's note:  There is a small stone next to William Bates (David Sr. and Elizabeth's Son)  This stone is marked "Mother"..wonder if that could be Elizabeth?  Maybe William was his mother's care-taker???)
We Interrupt Doris....
Mark Woodruff is speaking...Mark is the son of Susan Fooder and grandson of Elwood Fooder.