Administrator:  Betty Jean Fitting Lindsay-Davis,
 1200 Greentree Dr, Weatherford TX   76087       Created Nov 2011-Updated May 2018
Bates Mill Cemetery
Located on Ehrke Road
Winslow Twp, Camden County
New Jersey

History of Administration of the Bates Mill Cemetery
    The land for Bates Mill Cemetery was conveyed by Benoni Bates to his son Charles P. and his daughter, Rebecca Jessup on September 13, 1869, Book 60, pages 610 and 614 (Camden).  There already were a few  graves in that plot of land when Benoni designated the land for a cemetery and gave it to his son and daughter.  Charles P and Rebecca then saw friends and family buried there and over a period of years it became a "graveyard" for the community.  
    Relatives and friends cared for the graves and more and more people were buried there.  Those were the days of the community gathering for a day's outing in the community cemetery.
    As more graves were added, mowing and  general cleanup became a priority for certain families.  My Uncle (Tryal Bates) and his twin brother - My Grandfather, (Frank David Bates) did a good part of the mowing.  It was also during Uncle Try's lifetime that the first map (plot) of the cemetery was drawn.  I was a young girl - it would have been somewhere in the mid 1940's.
    As Uncle Try and Grandpop passed on and became residents of the cemetery, the care of this little "plot of land" fell to my uncles and eventually to my Father, John Fitting.  
    At that time, Nelson Phero also became important in the life and care of the cemetery.  In fact, Nelson re-drew the map and became the man to go to for everything about the cemetery.  In fact, Nelson and his wife spent years mowing, trimming and generally keeping it looking nice.
    During Daddy and Nelson's  "reign" My mother became the administrator of the cemetery paperwork.  They developed lists of families, contact people and began to develop a fund for perpetual care.  Families were charged $25.00 per lot and they all met a few times a year to clean up and trim...but the mowing was still carried on by Nelson and they began to pay him for his services.
    My mother and father eventually took their place in the cemetery beside Uncle Try and Grandpop and the administration responsibilities were passed on to my Aunt Betty Bates Jargowsky.  She was still collecting $25.00 per lot from each family.  When she could no longer do it, the task was passed on to her son Bill Jargowsky.  Bill administrated for a couple of years and he turned all the papers, maps, and records over to me..Jean Fitting Lindsay-Davis.  That was in 2008!  
    It was decided that we should raise the yearly donation to $50.  per lot and so it goes on!  
The day-to-day operation remains the same...but the faces change!  Dave Harvey came on the scene in 2010 and has been the caretaker - Mowing, raking, chipping, cleaning and whatever was necessary to keep the cemetery in good "shape".  Just a phone call or email to Dave sends him to the cemetery to take pictues or to read a stone for me.  Before Dave, my oldest son, Craig Lindsay and his son Jason spent many hours measuring grave sites and reading stones for me.  Craig is now disabled but still serves as the "Man on the scene" for burials.  
    However, there is something very different in 2011 from the days of 1940.....the cemetery only has about 20 lots that are still open (they belong to families that have not passed on)  and it is fast becoming a historic cemetery that is "bulging" with genealogic information - Hence this site!
    I am 73 years "young" and expect to pass this responsibility on to my aforementioned son, Craig Lindsay of Cedar Brook NJ at some time in the near future.  But my one desire is that I will pass it on in good financial shape and with a "whole bunch" of next generation families who want to "keep up" the mission. 
    If you are a descendant of someone in our cemetery, would you consider contacting me and becoming one of our faithful donors?  That would afford future generations to stroll through a well-maintained cemetery,  Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  
 ~ Jean Fitting Lindsay-Davis

Update: by Jean Fitting Lindsay-Davis
Well, it is seven years later and if you have read the first two pages of this website,  you know what has been done in the cemetery.  Advancements have come and we have used some of them.  But, the  number of supporters has diminished.  Please contact your relatives to get them on board with supporting this cemetery.

As of this writing, we are a NJ Tax Free Corporation with the following Officers:

Dave Harvey (Faithful caretaker of the cemetery)
Joshua Smith (Great great grandson of Frank and Carrie Bates)
Randy Smith (Great grandson of Frank and Carrie Bates)
Scott and Roz Smith (Great grandson of Frank and Carrie Bates)

President Emeritus - Betty Jean Davis (Daughter of John Fitting and Glenda Merle Bates Fitting)

Please Help Us!

We do not want this historic cemetery to go the way of most other historic cemeteries--in serious disrepair.

Would you please enlist your children and their children to take up the responsibility of $50. per lot/per year?

Just contact me by U,.S.  mail, or by e-mail and give me their information.  I will begin to send a yearly letter to them.